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Mission Statement: About

Mission Statement

Praying Together
  • we believe in reciprocity .(the practice of exchanging things with others for mutual benefit, especially privileges granted by one country or organization to another). as found in Luke 6:38 

  • The problem is, if there is no reciprocity it always leads to a problem. Proverbs 11:24

  • In all things we are called to give as much as receive and not profit off of one-way relationships.

  • Interdependence is one of the highest levels of Christian community, and one of the most important values espoused by GCGF.

  • For GCGF, the concept of interdependence is the belief that each Christian and each Christian congregation is a vital  part of the larger universal body of Christ. Each part of that body, while often functioning independently, is vitally dependent on others of similar persuasion.

  • GCGF is a service organization for ministers, autonomous congregations and parachurch organizations. 

  • Though GCGF may own property and or plant new churches, member churches and organizations that join GCGF for mutual support and benefit retain their autonomy. 

  • GCGF is committed to service to ministers. 

  • GCGF serves as an ordaining agency for ministers. But ministry to ministers goes far beyond that.

  • With the expressed intent of strengthening current ministers in their ministries.

  •  locating places of service for new ministers, and serving as a redemptive ministry of hurting and broken ministers. Though some brokenness may be beyond our ability to help, GCGF seeks, insofar as God enables, to redeem every bruised minister and to restore each to effective and fruitful ministry.


          All for his Glory. 

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